Twin 67″ x 88 King 104″ x 98″
Full 86″ x 88″ California King 104″ x 100″
Queen 94″ x 98″ Expanded King 112″ x 100″
Expanded Queen 98″ x 98″ Super King 112″ x 116″

Duvet Covers

Sis duvet covers have buttons sewn inside, on the corners and sides, to secure the duvet cover to the insert. (Our inserts have buttonholes in the corners and sides.)

Duvet Cover with Zipper
Our standard duvet cover features a zipper closure along the bottom of the cover. Duvet covers are available in any Sis fabric.

Duvet Cover with Piping
Add piping, made from any Sis fabric, around the edges or along the seams of your duvet cover.

Half and Half Duvet Cover
Choose one fabric for the front of the duvet cover and one for the back.

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