Bed Scarves

Like icing on the cake. This additional design element will take your top-of-bed design to next level luxury. Available in three styles and any Siscovers fabric.

Throw Style
The throw style bed scarf is hemmed on the edges and can be folded or draped at the foot of the bed

Runner Style
The runner style bed scarf is self lined and narrower than the throw style.

Padded Style
The padded bed scarf is a runner scarf with a down-alternative padded insert inside.

Sis can custom make any size bed scarf.

Size Throw Scarf Runner Scarf Padded Scarf
Twin 52″ x 60″ 24″ x 60″ 24″ x 60″
Full 52″ x 75″ 24″ x 75″ 24″ x 75″
Queen 52″ x 80″ 24″ x 80″ 24″ x 80″
King 52″ x 96″ 24″ x 96″ 24″ x 96″

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