Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase Siscovers products?

Siscovers products are sold to retailers. Retailers may call toll free 1.800.989.5435, fax 763.789.1170 or email

How do I know what direction the fabric will run on a bedding set or futon cover?

• The images in the Fabric Catalog on this website, and in-store fabric swatches, show the direction of the pattern as it is pulled off a fabric roll (up and down the roll).

• Most swatches and images show the direction the fabric will appear on duvet covers, bed caps, bed spreads, curtain panels, loungers, or tri-fold, futon frames. Turn the swatch or image 90 degrees to see how it will look on a bi-fold futon frame. Exceptions to this rule: Siscovers’ wide fabrics (Sis Studio fabrics) images & swatches must be turned 90 degrees to see how they will look on all products. Crayola fabrics images only must be turned 90 degrees to see how the pattern will run on all products (Crayola swatches do not need to be turned).

• If you want the fabric to run a different direction (railroaded), please specify this when placing your order. There is an extra charge for railroading, and there will be seams across the product.

• If you are unsure which way the pattern will run on any product you are considering, please check with us before placing your order.

What are the loft sizes for the in-stock futon covers?

In-stock, standard covers are made with a 6″ loft which fits a 6″ futon mattress. We also stock Full sizes with a  7″ loft to fit a 7″ – 8″ futon mattress.  There is an added charge to increase or decrease a loft size.

What type of closures are used in Siscovers products?

Our futon covers are stocked with a three-sided zipper closure. Chairs, ottomans and love seats have a two-sided zipper. Duvet covers & most pillows have zipper closures at one end.

How long does it take if I order custom items?

Custom orders may take up to 15 business days to ship. During peak volume periods, we may need extra time. Custom orders can ship within 3 weekdays for a 15% rush charge.

What products are in stock?

Futon covers are stocked in full and queen sizes with a 6″ loft and full size with a 7″ loft. Bolster, 16″ and 20″ pillows are also stocked. These items should ship within 1-5 business days but during peak volume periods, we may need extra time.

What's the deal with the dye lots and matching colors?

Dye lots will vary. It is important to order matching pieces at the same time. We cannot guarantee that colors will match if they are not purchased at the same time.

How do I clean a Siscovers product?

All products must be cleaned according to the instructions on the fabric swatch and on the sewn-in labels. Our fabrics can either be machine-washed, dry cleaned or spot cleaned.

What's the return policy?

We accept authorized returns only. Please call customer service for your return authorization. A 10% restocking fee will be applied to returns. However,this restocking fee does not apply to flawed or mis-shipped goods. Custom products cannot be returned unless flawed or otherwise incorrectly made. Items must be returned within 30 days.

Can I order just one item?

There is no minimum quantity for orders. Most orders are shipped UPS. There is a charge for drop shipments to a customer’s home address.

Is there some kind of warranty?

Siscovers guarantees all products on workmanship and materials for life. We cannot be responsible for normal fabric wear, sun damage or damage caused by misuse.


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